Weekly Update 9/26/2022

This week I started refocusing on the story of book three. I’ve built up a couple of characters that were feeling a little lifeless and started fleshing out the details. Personalities for the newer characters are beginning to gel, and the story is starting to move along a little more rapidly now.

This past week, the big move was to hint at the psychiatrist and the eventual sessions that Charles will be having with her. I’m beginning to flirt with the idea of having Lucifer pay her a visit or two as well. I mean, how could I not? With the show Lucifer having that as such a cornerstone, I think a Lucifer visit to the psychiatrist ending with him somehow getting exactly the wrong message would be a nice little touch of the familiar for readers.

I’m also trying to work out the lead-up to a scene I’ve long had in mind but haven’t written yet between Mally, Maggie, and Lucy. Lucifer’s bedraggled personality needs an uplift, and I’ve known what that uplift will be for quite some time. The only problem is finding a way to bridge the gap between Mal and Lucy to the point where she’s willing to set aside her animosity for a moment to help him out. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the reason; I just need to lace it into the story. I mean, Mally is, after all, the consummate warrior. And she will ultimately do anything to improve their chances at a win. Perhaps even swallow her pride long enough to get a certain someone who’s been a bit of a dumpster fire down to see the tailor and get some new threads.

The clothes do make the man, after all.

I’m also trying to find ways to have more Bree / Ellison scenes before the two are split up when Ellison heads off to officer training. Those two are such a ball of fun. A deep-rooted friendship that flirts with the edges of something more while never quite crossing the line? I love the potential of that friendship. So many goofy moments have passed between the two, yet neither of them hesitates to help the other when things turn sideways.

So, that’s the past week. Lots of “need to do, want to do, planning to do,” with a bit of actually fleshing out character and story. Plus, that massive article I posted yesterday explaining what The Hollander Chronicles is in detail. That was a couple of days of writing and editing time.

Another week begins. Hopefully, I’ll see you back here next week. Later, friends.

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