Weekly Update 9/19/2022

Another week.

I seem to have hit some sort of lull. I suppose it was bound to happen once I got book two to the point where I felt it was worth sharing.

Writer’s accomplishments for the past week? It doesn’t feel like much. There’s a quasi-villain character stepping out of the shadows that’s been fleshed out a bit, and a few moments in the build-up of angels coming to the Brigadier, but nothing spectacular.

There were a lot of concepts developed over the week, though. Action scenes for things coming in the future are beginning to take form in my mind. Some of them are going to be great fun. A cascading series of battles, chases, and fights will lead to a very satisfying character conflict and resolution. Most of this centers on the upcoming Bombast Icilise “landing.”

Of course, we have to get to Bombast Icilise before any of that takes place. And there’s still a lot to be done before we get there.

The questions for myself this week:

Who is responsible for the relativity-shield issue? This one is answered in my latest writing, though I need to build that character out further.

What angels, aside from Remiel, are coming to try to stop Annie and her baby?

When the true battle comes, how well does it remain hidden?

The ‘problem’ FVET Trainee’s story needs a better base. While I’ve long had the resolution to his problems sorted, the build-up to that resolution has been a little lacking. This needs to be dealt with. I’ve started working on this one, but there’s a long way to go with it.

On top of that, I need to start sorting how many of our angels on both sides of the conflict will remain once the big revealing moment comes along. I know one that has to stick around for several story-related reasons, but there will likely be some fun fights between the hallowed siblings before I figure out who is left at their side.

So, I launch into another week with a shaky concept of what needs to be done. I hope I get the time to do some of it.
I guess that’s it for now. Until next week.

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