What is The Hollander Chronicles?

The Hollander Chronicles is a story written for adults. What does that mean? If it were to have been released when I grew up, it would come with a parental advisory on the cover. A boilerplate disclaimer, such as you see on television shows or streaming services, would state the following:

WARNING: The following content includes strong language, violence, gore, blood, explicit sexual situations, drug use, and over-indulgence in alcohol. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Author Update 12/01/2022

It seems I’m not doing really well at this “weekly update” routine. Sometimes the story drives me so, I feel I have to take the time to step back and assess. Well, a significant event in the story has left me feeling a bit spent, and definitely needing a momentary break.

It seems that beating up your imaginary friends can sometimes take a bit of a toll on you. There may be minor spoilers in this entry, though I will do my best not to give away the big reveals.

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Weekly Update 10/3/2022

This week’s output was, again, lacking. Two threads were pulled at and fleshed out. Chuck had his first therapy session, where we once again learn that we’ve barely pulled back the curtain on the cruelty and torture he’s been privy to over the centuries. And the admiral’s son, currently in FVET (Feral Vampire Elimination Team) training, had a not-so-pleasant day.

And there were a few brainstorms for future events that won’t be in book #3.

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Weekly Update 9/26/2022

This week I started refocusing on the story of book three. I’ve built up a couple of characters that were feeling a little lifeless and started fleshing out the details. Personalities for the newer characters are beginning to gel, and the story is starting to move along a little more rapidly now.

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Weekly Update 9/12/2022

This past week was not a great one as a writer. I spent some time at the keyboard but spent far more time setting up my website and looking at software for keeping track of my story’s timeline, characters, events, and interactions. I’m not big on planning, but now that I have a couple of episodes out there and establishing the universe, I need to keep track of those solidified and stable events before I can dive too much deeper into the universe. While the significant events are easy to keep track of, the smaller events and personal moments get harder to track as the story grows longer.

So, I had planned to do a weekly update on progress, give a brief overview of favorite scenes I had written or edited in the past week, and provide a brief glimpse into where the story might be headed. There was so little progress this past week due to spending a lot of time setting up the website software, it’s tough for me to think of something to fill each of those categories, but I’ll give it my best shot.

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Welcome to The Hollander Chronicles blog.

This will be a place for the author of The Hollander Chronicles to share his thoughts on the process of creating the worlds found within the books. I assume in time, I’ll also be spouting about other nonsense surrounding the books, like a cheat sheet for references, character spotlights, or worldbuilding and concept creation.

At the time this is being written, Episode 1: The Messiah of Death is approximately six months old in published form. Episode 2: Of Friends and Escalation has been edited, covers have been created, and we are awaiting proof prints and initial copies.

Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy the content as it is posted. Please drop the author a line if you have suggestions or comments via the message board, or email (NathanielLee@TheHollanderChronicles.com).

I hope to see you here again soon.